Find CONEXPO Favorites, Right Here at TRE

Like everyone else, you may be laying low right now. But you can make profitable use of this time by evaluating your fleet to determine where you should upgrade or expand. That way, you’ll be ready to kick things into high gear post-quarantine. Even if the spring-summer work season gets off to a late start, being well-prepared will help you meet your productivity and revenue goals. 

So what equipment might help you make the most of 2020? If you made it to CONEXPO, you got to see first-hand what’s new in the realm of heavy equipment. And there was a lot to see! Missed it? No worries. Here’s a roundup of machines that are brand new or improved for this year, from some of your favorite manufacturers – all of them available right here at Tracey Road Equipment.


There are five new introductions for 2020:

The first two on this list, part of Hyundai’s A Series, now come with Cummins Performance Series engines that meet Stage 5 emission control requirements. You can expect a 10% increase in power and almost 20% increase in torque compared to earlier models, and get better fuel consumption as well. Hyundai predicts the HX210A will be especially popular with rental companies and dealers who do a lot of rental business.

The manufacturer has also broadened capabilities of their Hyundai Intelligence Care tech-based systems, with more options that facilitate operator control and enable dealers to provide remote support.

Peeking into the future

Not quite ready for prime time are Hyundai’s electric-powered R18E and R35E compact excavators. Quiet operation, no carbon emissions, and on the fast track to join the OEM’s future line-up. Hyundai is also working on a remote-controlled wheel loader, for use in severe and hazardous-duty conditions especially dangerous for human operators.  


Hitachi LoadersHITACHI

Hitachi’s popular Dash-6 line of wheel loaders is growing to include 13 models, among them the hefty new ZW370-6, designed for quarries and high-volume production operations. This machine features:

  • 48,780 lb breakout force
  • 7.3 to 8.1 cu yds bucket capacity
  • Roomy cab with 360o visibility and optional steering wheel or fingertip operation
  • 389 hp Isuzu Tier IVF engine that is DPF-free, eliminating time and cost of filters, regeneration and DPF-related maintenance
  • Lock-up transmission that generates 30% more tractive force and uses less fuel compared to previous models 


Kobelco Long ReachKOBELCO

Kobelco showed off 20 different machines at CONEXPO, including:

  • Their innovative new hybrid excavator
  • The first Generation 11 excavator produced for the North American market
  • Several new conventional models
  • Several mini- and short-radius models
  • Specialty machines designed for building demolition and automobile dismantling
  • A log loading excavator for forest operations

Liebherr Earthmoving Equipment Tracey Road Syracuse NYLIEBHERR

In 2019, Liebherr introduced seven crawler excavators that range from 24 to 50 US tons, models:

  • R 922
  • R 924
  • R 926
  • R 930
  • R 934
  • R 938
  • R 945 

 Liebherr says mid-size crawlers (R 926 and R 930) and their larger cousins (R 934 and R 938) all come with an extremely broad range of tools and equipment that make these machines exceptional for applications from earthmoving, digging and leveling to loading and lifting. Mid-size models can be spec’d with optional factory-installed 2D and 3D machine controls including a Leica 3D grade control system. The larger models can be spec’d with a variety of engines depending on emission requirements in the country where they will be working.

These Generation 8 crawlers also offer various X-shaped undercarriage types that require no maintenance, thanks to track rollers that are lubricated for life and an automated central lubrication system.



You’ll be ready to rubble this season with the all-new RM 70GO! 2.0. This smallest member of Rubble Master’s line-up now features an upgraded 3.5 x 7 ft screen-box that can produce spec material on just one pass, generating the same quality finished product as larger crushers. This screen-box and its return conveyor come standard. 

The RM 70GO! 2.0 is not only very compact, it’s designed for fast, easy mobility. It can be broken down for transport in just 20 minutes, to a size that is less than 8 feet wide and weighs just 53,400 pounds. It can also be trailered as is from one location to another using the same trailer you’d use to haul a medium-size excavator. 

No matter what types of jobs or working conditions you expect to face this season, we have the new and improved machines you’ll need to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. As soon as possible, let’s make a plan to get together and talk about upgrading or expanding your equipment fleet.