Differentiation Items

ZX-6N/JDG (Current) vs ZX-6 (New US High-Performance Version)

Here are some highlights about the differences between the new Hitachi Excavators compared to previous models.

These differences are in conventional style excavators, ZX130 and above.  Hitachi refers to these models as “High Performance” or -6.5 series.

Hitachi has long built excavators for John Deere and that relationship has ended.  There is an agreement that Hitachi will still provide kits/shells for the next couple of years. With that said, the kits for conventional John Deere branded excavators will NOT have the same technology and features. Also note, John Deere dealerships may still have Hitachi -6 series excavators in their yards, but with the older technology.

Below are the biggest improvements:

  • 3 Pump Hydraulic System vs. 2 Pump (Trias II vs. Hios II)
  • Heavy-Duty Undercarriage – Redesigned and Reinforced
  • Heavy-Duty Boom Assembly
  • Heavy Counterweight for increased performance
  • Ariel Angle Camera System
  • LED Lights as STD equipment
  • ConSite OIL (monitors the health of the oils in the unit)
  • 4 YR / 4,000 Hours FULL machine warranty

All of these translate into a better performing, longer lasting, bigger return on investment than the previous models.

Your work is more than what you do. It fulfills an agreement and completes a commitment. At Hitachi, we engineer integrity into every machine. Ultimately, we’re helping keep your promises.

With Hitachi excavators, your operators work in comfort and control — from sunup to sundown. These high-performing, heavy-duty machines are built for the tough work you’re doing. It’s why you find Hitachi on so many construction sites and mines.

A Reputation Built On Integrity.

Tough jobs call for efficient, reliable and durable machines. That’s what you get with the Hitachi.

Your reputation is built on something much larger than the next load. You’re committed to doing each and every job with integrity. And we’re committed to building that same level of integrity into every piece of Hitachi construction machinery.

You deserve reliable, durable and versatile equipment. Equipment that helps you keep your promises. With rugged and efficient Hitachi construction machinery on the job site, your reputation remains solid. That’s our promise to you.