Kobelco Provides Excellent Dig Depths with New Compact Excavators

What could a new Kobelco compact excavator do to boost your productivity this summer? A lot, if your projects require zero tail swing radius, long reach, and/or deep digging. The Kobelco SK 17 and SK25 are designed specifically for rugged use and maximum maneuverability in constricted areas.

Both machines come with roomy cabs, excellent visibility, large travel pedals, and boom light. A travel alert boosts safety by letting anyone nearby that the machine is on the move. And there’s a pattern changer with a blade cutting edge, so operators can customize operation to their preference.

Tier 4 Final engines ensure you’ll have plenty of power and hydraulic performance to handle full size jobs, with budget-friendly operating efficiency. Both can dig, swing, and load at full boom swing in close conditions. Zero tail swing radius ensures the work can be performed safely as well as efficiently.

Kobelco SK17

This smallest model in Kobelco’s extensive crawler excavator line isn’t new, but it has been improved to provide even better power and performance. Its vital statistics:

  • 3,836 lbs
  • 7’3” digging depth
  • 2,833 lbs digging force
  • 12’2” digging reach
  • 4’6” front minimum swing
  • 5 rpm swing speed

The self-cleaning hydraulic side frames can extend up to 50 inches or retract to just 37 inches, so the machine offers reliable stability as well as ability to tuck into tight spaces. The dozer blade is designed for quick coupling and detachment, and its width can be easily changed and secured.

Kobelco SK25

This model is the newest addition to the Kobelco fleet. It is both powerful and versatile, designed for heavy-duty digging and lifting as well as loading, placing, and dozing in many types of applications. Its vital statistics:

  • 5,930 lbs
  • 9’2” digging depth
  • 456 lbs digging force
  • 15’7” digging reach
  • 5’5” front minimum swing
  • 10 rpm swing speed

The SK25 comes with standard backlit display panel that enables the operator to continuously track operating details and machine status. Options include canopy or ROPS/FOPS cab and either steel or rubber track shoes.

Need to work smoothly along a wall? Ease through gates or around obstacles? Or dig side ditches? Kobelco’s SK17 or SK25 could be your best investment in a more productive and profitable 2017.